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In 2012 self-appointed group of specialists from different engineering industries with long-term practical experience of designing and manufacturing joined to open a hydraulic power units production company. Our staff of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of hydraulic equipment design is able not only to solve application tasks and find engineering solutions in a very short time, but also to minimize starting time of equipment with hydraulics elements. Hydraulic power units of our own production are used by our customers in various engineering industries. Installed in hiding places our power units are inconspicuous and users remember about them only during scheduled maintenance. Only a little label identifies us as a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic power units together with hydraulic cylinders are used in pressure equipment, punching, weight lifting, pre-packing, packaging, clamping, installation, drawing, deformation, testing and any other working activities, that require great effort. Our equipment is used everywhere from Iraq to the Arctic. Final consumer of your equipment even does not know about us and our contribution. And we are proud of it. This indicates the high quality of our engineering solutions .


Our company offers a basic range of standard hydraulic power units with immersed gear whell pumps and oil filtration on the drain line.

We also produce hydraulic (oil) power units of different difficulty level according to your specification requirements.

  • We’ll set up a hydraulic circuit.
  • We’ll carry out project design study.
  • We’ll select and produce all necessary equipment.
  • If the need arises, we are ready to attend your enterprise for testing and starting-up the equipment and staff training.

We care about our products providing quality package of the equipment. All outputs are isolated with plugs for good transportation.


To calculate the price of hydraulic power units use the application form on the website and specify your requirements for hydraulic power unit and its furnishing.

Moreover, you can fill in the questionnaire for specification requirements completion and send it to our email address info@npogs.ru.

After receiving your application our specialists will contact you within one working day.

We are able to solve your problems quickly and efficiently!

Standard configuration of the hydraulic power unit:

  • Electric motor  asynchronous (1500 rpm) made in Russia with essential power magrin for overload protection.
  • Gear wheel pump.
  • Bell jar.
  • Adhesion of pump shaft and engine shaft (half coulping, flexible part).
  • Suction filter.
  • Control plate for module assembly of hydraulic valves and distributors.
  • Hydraulic valves and distributors (according to  balanced circuit).
  • Manometer with tap.
  • Filler with breather group.
  • Oil level gauge with thermometer.
  • Drawoff tap.
  • Drain filter.
  • Hydraulic tank.


Additionally in concurrence with the customer power units can be developed with:

  • pressure filter,
  • oil cooler,
  • level gauge,
  • temperature gauge,
  • heating resistance,
  • electricity box.

Questionnaire for
power unit production

  • You can make an order and get close consultation by one of these ways
  • 1 By phone
    +7 (3412) 90-80-61
  • 2 Through the website
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