UEOS-5 device for well development and oil production is used to intensify the call flow of oil with simultaneous cleaning of bottomhole formation zone, hydrodynamic and geophysical research of well.

The design of the device allows to carry on in the wells the following operations:

  1. recovery of filtration properties of reservoir rocks by creating depression and repression on the reservoir;
  2. well test to assess the initial and final state of the bottomhole formation zone by recording and decoding the pressure recovery curve. Recording and comparing the hydrodynamic parameters may be performed at various depressions on a layer;
  3. injection of acid or other chemicals into the reservoir under pressure and acid reaction products disposal from the reservoir  when required the technology;
  4. geophisical research;
  5. oil production from the well.

The Pump consists of the body with replaceable plug-in units: a jet pump for well development,  a jet pump for oil extraction, geophysical insert, pressure test inset for tubing and packer, blocking insertion piece and necessary auxiliary tools with replacement parts.

The outer diameter of the body is equal to 105mm (4,1 inches).

The product should be operated in the wells with body having an inside diameter not less than 118 mm (4,6 inches).

The depth of the Pump’s descent is up to 4000m (13123 ft).

Economic efficiency is reached by decrease of well development and exploration period, increase of producing well debits; for oil production by capital costs decrease connecting with the lack of mounting necessity of rocker-machines, use of well piston and centrifugal pumps.

Technical data and description

Maximum pressure of working substance, mPa


Maximum depression on stratum


Overall dimensions no more than, mm






Inserted ejector pump maximum diameter, mm


Equipment’s body minimum inner diameter, mm


Nipple’s and muff’s connecting thread according to GOST 633-80

73 or 73B

Weight, kg


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