Jet Pump for Hydrodynamic and Production Logging Survey (UEOS-4) is designed for stimulation of oil production, clean out of the near well-bore zone of the reservoir, for the pressure build-up and PLT surveys.

Pump’s design allows performing the following operations:

  • Restoration of the near well-bore zone to the initial condition by alternated drawdown.
  • Hydrodynamic tests for skin-effect assessment, downhole pressure and deterioration of reservoir permeability.
  • Production Logging Survey.
  • Acidizing. 

The product should be operated in the wells with body having an inside diameter not less than 122 mm (4,8 inches).

The depth of the Pump’s descent is up to 4000m (13123 ft).

The Pump consists of the body with the installed hard-alloy nozzle, the mixing chamber and the sealings: encapsulated assembly, drawdown inset, pressure test inset, blocking insertion piece, BUS inset and necessary auxiliary tools with replacement parts.


Technical data and description

Working fluid maximum pressure in front of equipment’s nozzle, mPa (kgf/cm2)

30 (300)

Maximum ambient temperature, oC



Oil, gas, stratal water

Working fluid

Process water, brine

Nozzle inner diameter, mm

No more than 6

Mixer inner diameter, mm

No more than 10

Central passage channel diameter, mm

Not less than 51

Nipple’s and muff’s connecting thread according to GOST 633-80


Overall dimensions, mm:



No more than 118


No more than 700

Mass (without package), kg

No more than 50

Cargo package overall dimensions, mm:



No more than 800


No more than 400


No more than 300

Cargo package mass, kg

No more than 70

Maximum depression on stratum

P (stratum pressure)

Mean time to failure, hour

Not less than 300

Mean recovery time, hour

No more than 5

Assigned resource, hour

Not less than 800



  1. Equipment’s failure criterion is nozzle, mixer and sealing collar failure leading to the ejection coefficient fall below 0, 15.
  2. Equipment’s limiting state is body failure through the wear of connecting threads or inner bore diameters.

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