Pipelines pressure test stand

According to the customer’s terms of reference pipeline hydraulic and pneumatic pressure test stand was developed.
Test schedule:
1) Hydraulic oil testing under pressure up to 300 bar (4351 PSI). Impermeability criterion – no pressure drop.
2) Diesel oil testing under pressure up to 300 bar (4351 PSI). Impermeability criterion – no pressure drop.
3) Air testing under pressure up to 10 bar (145 PSI) with water immersion. Impermeability criterion – no bubbles.
On completing hydraulic testing, the pipeline was flushed with washing liquid based on alkali and surfactant and air purged.
All tests can be carried out either in fully automatic or in manual mode.
Stand-operator communication interface is a custom designed touchpad with operational mode light indication.
According to the test results it is possible to publish the report in electronic form, or to the printer, which is a part of stand. The report contains the information on time schedule, operator and pressure drop depending on the test duration.

Concreting facilities hydraulic power unit

The reduced power is equal to 200kW.
Five closed loop pumps with proportional control, produced by Bondioli & Pavesi (Italy), and Stiebel (Germany) gearbox.

Test stand manufacturing, installation and commissioning

Main peculiarity of this station is regenerative power use while working at idle (oil is supplied from the rod end to the rodless one).
Manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the test stand including:
SG 160/50-20/20-160 Double flow hydraulic power unit (160/50 bar (2320/725 PSI), 20/20 lpm, 160 liters tank);
GCS 300H200-0800-01-06-1-1 Weld-fabricated hydraulic cylinder (Ø300mm piston (11,8 inches), Ø 200mm rod (7,9 inches), rear flange and female thread on the rod).
Control cabinet with remote control.

Manufacturing of spinning wrench adapter

Main peculiarity of this project is large weight of the work piece. When assembled the weight of two halves approaches to 1500kg (3306 pounds).

Drill site Modernization Project. Fluid end supply. Cabinet with remote control, station, jacks and cylinders

The hydraulic system is composed of: SG250-28-350 2NA hydraulic power unit (250 bar (3626 PSI) maximum pressure, 28 lpm consumption, 350 liter tank) according to hydraulic circuit of low-temperature execution with the control system and remote control, GCS hydraulic cylinder with Ø160mm piston (6,3 inches), Ø 100mm rod (3,9 inches) and 1600mm run (63 inches); GCS jack with Ø 250 mm piston (9,8 inches), Ø 180mm rod (7 inches) and 650mm run (25,6 inches).


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